This is my life now.

Hi there,

I feel as though I need to write a little bit about myself and where I am in my life right now. In June 2014, I finished my master’s degree in Media Studies. I spent the past two years in a graduate program that kicked my ass. I suppose the up side of doing something that isn’t right for you, is that it starts to help you figure out what is the right thing. There seemed to be an overwhelming theme that took over my life during this time: food. While it is easy to write this off as me just stress eating (and yea, that is definitely part of it- don’t judge me) my interest in food started a lot earlier. Sometimes it’s just hard to see what’s staring you right in the face.

From a really young age my mom taught me to cook and bake. My sister and I would procrastinate during final exams in high school by baking cookies. I have also been told by a long-time friend that I was the only eight year old she knew that read food labels. During my undergraduate degree I worked in a bakery and then later a health food store. I took two food-related elective courses and really realized I had an interest in all aspects of food. However, I decided to continue on in school in media studies (my BA is in Communications and Cultural Studies) and not pursue anything to do with food per se.

So here I was in grad school, baking cookies and experimenting making soup in my spare time, and having to figure out what to write my thesis about. Logically, what do I choose? Something about food, of course! I spent the past year writing about food television (think, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives) so I could spend my time talking about food.

124 pages later, a couple of meltdowns and many sleepless nights later, and I finally finish my graduate degree.

By sheer chance (and this is definitely a lesson in how sometimes things just work out) a friend of mine’s summer plans fell through and we decided to book a trip together. That was in July. I have spent close to three months traveling, and now find myself back in the real world looking for my place (oh ya, and a job).

Just as food was my comfort during the past two years, I hope that I can find comfort again in something I love during this time of transition in my life. And I especially hope that I can share that comfort with others. Enjoy!

The Particular Eater